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Save One More Life is a non-profit organization dedicated to training people to save lives, both physically and spiritually. We believe that everyone can save lives and our mission is to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to do so. We offer a variety of donation-based, high-intensity classes that teach trauma aid. 


Stephen Smith aka "Twitch" 

President & Lead Instructor

As the president and lead instructor of Save One More Life, Twitch brings his passion and experience for rendering aid and engaging teaching practices to students across the globe. Exuding a dynamic teaching style, he has empowered thousands of students with trauma aid skills, from elementary age to military personnel. His training as a police officer, professional trauma aid instructor, and curriculum designer equipped him with the knowledge and expertise that he imparts in each class.  

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Cole Dann

Vice President and Instructor

Cole first found a passion for emergency medical care at 13, during a wilderness first responder class. He continued to pursue this passion joining the fire department in his hometown and then as a registered nurse. He began teaching as a guest lecturer at Toccoa Falls College Fetterman School of Nursing where he discovered a passion for teaching and passing on hard-learned lessons. This led to teaching trauma aid to citizen soldiers in Ukraine in March 2022, and again, with Twitch, in February of 2023. Now, he has a passion for helping people gain the skills and confidence to respond to emergencies and to be an asset to their families, friends, and communities through Save One More Life.

Ronnie Lewis


I care about Save One More Life because I have seen firsthand how life-changing this training can be! As a husband and father, it is my job to protect and provide for my family!  As a follower of Messiah,  if I see a brother or sister in need, I am called to show them love not with words but with actions! This training helps equip us with the mental, physical, and spiritual strength to do just that!

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Stephanie Smith

Operations Manager

Stephanie uses her background in event planning and education to ensure the effective operational activities of Save One More Life. In the past three years, she has had the opportunity to travel across the United States and to Ukraine and has experienced the tremendous impact that trauma aid training has on students. This involvement and the many testimonials from students motivate her to employ her research and analytical skills to deliver life-saving classes to more people.

Tiago Mateiro

Media Expert and Content Developer

Tiago brings over 15 years of media production experience. "Since I was called to follow our King Yeshua Hamashiach, I've been praying for an opportunity to put my experience at the service of my brothers and sisters, working for businesses and startups that respect our Father's Torah. It is not easy to find those. I've been waiting for this opportunity for almost three years. I believe in the mission of Save One More Life and it's an absolute honor to have a small part in an endeavor that is not just an awesome idea, but a real opportunity to do good, and even, with our Father's blessings, to save lives."  

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