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Mission: Lebanon

As an organization, we rely on the generous support of donors to fund our life-saving missions. This June, Twitch and a team of Lifesavers are headed to Beirut, Lebanon to train missionaries in life-saving techniques. Your contributions will help cover the costs of travel, training materials, and essential medical supplies that will be left for the new Lifesavers to use. The team will travel for a week and missionaries from all over the country will get training giving hem the skills necessary to render aid. Our goal is to take enough materials to supply each student with an individual first aid kit (IFAK) since medical supplies are difficulty to find within the country. 


By donating to our fundraising efforts, you are directly contributing to the success of our mission and helping to prepare missionaries to save lives in emergency situations. Your support will make a lasting impact in communities that are in desperate need of life-saving skills. Join us in this vital mission by making a donation today and be a part of transforming lives in Beirut, Lebanon. All donations received in the month of May will go towards funding this mission. Thank you for your generous support!

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