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The First Global Mission


In February 2023, Twitch, President of Save One More Life, felt the calling to go to Ukraine with a team of volunteers to bring trauma aid supplies and teach life-saving skills to those who needed it most, the soldiers. The current military occupation of Ukraine has killed thousands and has devastated the country. During this week-long mission, they were able to train over a hundred soldiers. However, they noticed that there was a deficit of medical supplies and skilled life-saving personnel. After this successful mission, Twitch came back to the United States feeling like there was more to be done.

About a month later, together with his family, Twitch was able to go back to Ukraine, this time to train soldiers and civilians. In three months, they were able to train missionaries, women, children, youth groups, and over five hundred soldiers in five different cities. They were also able to supply people with different trauma aid materials, food, and other needed supplies. Although they made a positive impact and effectively taught trauma aid to many, the need is still there.

Save One More Life was born out of the idea that people are worth saving. Delaying the physical death allows for more time to spiritually save a life. As an organization, we want to teach others to fight back against death and save lives.

Missionaries That We Support


I am currently affiliated with an organization called "Hospitaliers," where I serve as a medic, specializing in the evacuation of individuals from the front lines, also known as "casevac." I want to emphasize that I am a self-funded volunteer, and I do not receive any compensation for my services. I have made the decision to leave my previous job and dedicate myself fully to this mission of providing assistance.


Additionally, I am actively involved with a local church in Zaporizhie, where we operate in the so-called grey zone. Our activities include delivering humanitarian aid to civilians and providing essential medical equipment to military locations. Unfortunately, most soldiers have to procure the majority of their equipment themselves. It's important to note that everything I do and any supplies I provide for people come from my personal savings.


I am aware that I may not be able to assist everyone, but I am committed to making a difference one person at a time. If you are interested in supporting me financially to help cover expenses such as gas, car repairs, food, and trauma aid supplies, you can do so via PayPal (


Thank you for your support!

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